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WScrabble 1.10


WScrabble is an automatic "robot" or "bot" designed to entertain an IRC chatroom by offering people to play to a Scrabble/Anagrams game.

Like in the Scrabble game or on TV, 10 letters are drawn randomly : Players must then compose the longest word possible using these letters.

The player who found the longest wins points, with a bonus if the word uses all letters. As in the WQuizz script, the bot stores the score of each players and can display a ranklist of the 3 or 10 best players of the week or the year.


WScrabble is not a mIRC script but a small standalone Windows program in console-mode. It is however highly-configurable, through the file "WScrabble.ini" which you will have to modify before first use.

That way, you will be able to change as you like :

  • IRC connection settings (including password)
  • colors and texts displayed
  • number of letters drawn
  • the dictionnary of valid words
  • the letters distribution (to alter the frequency of each letters)


  • WScrabble 1.10 in US english
    (includes TWL98 dictionnary: 169092 words, based on the Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary -OSPD-, used in tournaments in North America)
  • WScrabble 1.10 in UK english
    (includes SOWPODS dictionnary: 216553 words, based on OSPD + Official Scrabble Words (Great-Britain), used in English Scrabble World Championships, and other tournaments around the world...)
  • WScrabble 1.10 in french
    (includes ODS dictionnary: 364370 words, "L’Officiel du Scrabble", used in French Scrabble World Championships)
  • Sources of WScrabble 1.10 (Visual Studio project)

With all the program settings, WScrabble can easily be adapted to other languages.

And now, let the game begin !

Thanks to l'Internet Scrabble Club for the dictionnaries and thanks to Laurent Ovaert aka Melon aka L!OL!O for the idea

Have fun, and take a look to my other mIRC bots: WQuizz and LinkBot

See full versions history for more details

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