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These are my small plugins you can use with NSIS, a free open-source system for creating professionnal scriptable installers.
Most of them are open-source and support Unicode NSIS.


This plugin lets you manipulate XML data using Windows MSXML library.

Typically, you can create/load/modify/save XML files, create/remove/search XML nodes, get/set nodes content or attributes


This plugin sends DDE client requests to currently running applications matching a given DDE server.

Typically, you can close running instances of an application, bring a running application to the foreground, or have an application open a document...


This plugin allows you to easily add/remove an application in Windows Firewall exception list.


This plugin displays fading banners/slideshow (JPEG, PNG, GIF, ...) during installation.

Slideshow can be synchronized to your script, or runs automatically in background, cycle to beginning or not. It can adapt to different languages by displaying specific pictures, subtitles, with configurable delays for each frame...


This plugin will help you ensure a given order of the shortcuts you add in Start Menu/Programs, instead of the standard alphabetical sort.

Typically, you can make your main program shortcut appear first and the shortcut for the uninstaller appear last.


This plugin manipulate file content, especially sequences of bytes in binary files.

Typically, you can read/write/patch bytes in binary files, search for binary patterns...


This is a complete and optimized incremental patch system.

Typically, you can automatically establish the differences between "old" and "new" version of your program directories, and create an NSIS script to update the "old" version on your users' computer.

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