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New version of WScrabble !

WScrabble 1.10 is available !

Click here to install it

WScrabble 1.10

  • added option ChannelKey to set the channel key
  • added option AnyoneCanStop to allow everyone to stop the game

WScrabble 1.09

  • connection timeout raised to 45 seconds

WScrabble 1.08

  • adding new optional setting BlackAndWhite=1 to disable every color codes
  • bug fix on the handling of Perform= settings

WScrabble 1.07

  • can specify several "owners" that control the bot (comma-separated list of nicks)
  • can now use /NOTICE in Perform=
  • number of points of the bonus is configurable
  • check for conformity of Perform= setting
  • can check automatically for updates over Internet
  • automatic reconnect in case of disconnection

WScrabble 1.06

  • fixed a bug in score management

WScrabble 1.05

  • support for IRC server password authentification (IRC key)

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