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Icon WScrabble 1.08

November 26, 2007:

New features in this version of WScrabble :

  • adding new optional setting BlackAndWhite=1 to disable every color codes
  • bug fix on the handling of Perform= settings

Icon Many new pages on the website

November 26, 2007:

I created a whole lot of new pages (mostly in french) :

Icon WScrabble 1.07

November 20, 2007:

New features in this version of WScrabble :

  • can specify several "owners" that control the bot (comma-separated list of nicks)
  • can now use /NOTICE in Perform=
  • number of points of the bonus is configurable
  • check for conformity of Perform= setting
  • can check automatically for updates over Internet

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.12

November 19, 2007:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • added "avoid jump holes" option (for safer paths)
  • now display base faction
  • base "dot" is now a circle so that it doesn't overlap too much the base name when zooming
  • can display mouse coordinates on map (hold CTRL key)
  • removed duplicate bases (base & docking rings)
  • compatible with Windows Vista
  • compatibility with Tekagi's Treasure 5.35 (erroneous MarketGood duplicates)
  • compatibility with FreeWorlds 18.2 (missing descriptions)

Icon nsisStartMenu : New plugin

November 9, 2007:

nsisStartMenu is a small NSIS plugin that will help you ensure a given order of shortcuts your installer creates in the Start Menu

You can typically use it to ensure that the shortcut for your main program executable appears first and the shortcut for the uninstaller appears last, instead of following the alphabetical order that is Windows default behaviour for Start Menu's new folders

Icon A little animated icon

November 8, 2007:

You might have noticed the little animated icon I drew to represent the website

(Under Internet Explorer, you will only have a fixed icon)

Icon nsisFirewall : New plugin

August 23, 2007:

nsisFirewall is a small NSIS plugin that allows you to perform easily 2 tasks :

  • Add an application to Windows Firewall exception list
  • Remove an application from Windows Firewall exception list

Icon It's Summer !

June 22, 2007:

I changed the web site's color to summer. There is now a dedicated style for each 4 seasons.

Besides, for those who are interested, the games we are working on, at F4 game studios, are now publicly announced :

Icon WQuizz 1.6.1

June 20, 2007:

WQuizz is a game script for IRC channels, and is based on mIRC 5.91 software

For security reasons, this very version of mIRC has been classified as a trojan virus by some anti-virus editors.

That's why I just released a new version of the game archive which now included version 5.9 of mIRC software which is not considered a trojan.

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.10 & 1.11

June 18, 2007:

These new versions offers some new features and now correctly handle the volume of the commodities, as well as their decay through time.

Moreover, the program now uses an installer and includes an automatic Internet "check for update" system which will notify you when a new version of the program becomes available, and offers you to download and install it.

Icon New job

June 3, 2007:

Since the end of January, about at the same time of my moving to Paris, I changed work : Indeed, I'm no longer at SAGEM, I now work for a small video game development studio.

I hope to be able to give you some links soon on our release...

For now, I just updated my personal pages and my Resume

Icon Back online !

March 21, 2007:

After more than 2 month without an Internet connection, I finally got connected back !

In the meantime, I moved to Paris and I changed job, therefore I have a lot of things to do, but I will try to manage to make up for those 2 month of lost time and update some pages of the website

As you can already see, the site theme has turn to match the Spring season...

Icon Happy Holidays !

December 30, 2006:

I hope you're enjoying these end-of-year holidays and you've received lots of great gifts for Christmas !

As you noticed, the website colors changed for the winter... lets hope it won't be too cold...

Icon Domain names

December 8, 2006:

This site can now be reached through the following URLs :

Even easier to remember than the current URL with a zero in place of the "o" !

Icon New WScrabble 1.06

November 23, 2006:

This version fixes a bug in score handling which caused a crash of WScrabble after a few hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience you might have experienced.

You can download this new version on the WScrabble page.

If you still have difficulties with IRC-password authentification on Orange/Voila servers, take a look at this forum thread.

Icon New WScrabble 1.05

November 21, 2006:

I just released a new version of WScrabble that supports IRC server authentification using a password (sometimes called IRC key)

You can download this new version on the WScrabble page.

You'll also notice that the creation of dedicated pages for each program is going well...

Icon Welcome to my new website :-)

November 7, 2006:

As you will discover, it is still under construction, but the main content is there, especially the links to my programs (left menu)

Smoothly, I'm creating a dedicated page for each program, using the new site theme... Meanwhile, some links still points to the old pages while various styles

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