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Icon WPatch 4.03

February 11, 2012:

New in this version of WPatch : Several fixes around the handling of the $1 options parameter

Icon WPatch : incremental update system

July 8, 2010:

WPatch is a complete and optimized incremental patch system.

Typically, you can automatically establish the differences between "old" and "new" version of your program directories, and create an NSIS script to update the "old" version on your users' computer.

Icon Freelancer Companion 2.01

June 21, 2010:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Universal support for Dynamic Economy (should work with every mods!)
  • Fixed 2 bugs around mining operations

Icon Freelancer Companion 2.00

June 19, 2010:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Reorganized and nicer interface with menus
  • Goods repository (listing commodities, equipments, ships and where to buy them)
  • Added settings to exclude certain system, faction, goods from computations
  • Draw location of Points Of Interest (wrecks, depots, ...) in red on system map
  • Can create a virtual base for mining operations : just double-click inside a mining field on map!
  • Support for HHC Dynamic Economy
  • Base infos loads a bit faster
  • Showing cargo hold size of ships
  • Jump to destination base by double-clicking last waypoint
  • Cleaner recognition of system object types
  • Improved System Map, showing currently selected route
  • Mod information window (mod authors: check FLC forums)
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Icon nsisSlideshow 1.6

June 18, 2010:

nsisSlideshow is another one of my useful NSIS plugins. It can display fading banners/slideshow during installation.

Features :

  • Can be used inside NSIS window or on any other window (HWND) created by NSIS
  • Manual (synchronized) or Automatic mode (slideshow runs automatically while NSIS script continues)
  • You can add subtitles to your slides
  • Supports Unicode NSIS
  • Run-once or cycle to beginning at the end of slideshow
  • Multi-language support (you can decide which slide to display for each language)
  • Control over each slide display delay & transition delay
  • Pictures format can be JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF

Icon Freelancer Companion

May 18, 2010:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Determine more correctly objects that are jump-gate/hole
  • Fix wrong base infocard display with some mods (thanks to Igiss!)
  • Place Dollar in front of currency values
  • Fix non-saving jump hole delay

Icon PETool 1.5

April 10, 2010:

PETool is a command-line tool that you can use to manipulate information stored in PE modules (Portable Executable), for example EXE or DLL files.

You can typically use it to:

  • read or modify Version information (that appears in the Version tab in the file's Explorer properties)
  • read, modify, delete resources stored inside these files
  • automate some of your build process (ex: branding resources and version information)

Icon nsisFile : new NSIS plugin

April 6, 2010:

nsisFile is a small NSIS plugin that manipulate file content, especially binary data.
You can typically use it to:

  • search for binary patterns in file
  • read or write (patch) binary data from/to binary files

Icon nsisXML 1.3

April 6, 2010:

New features in this version of nsisXML:

  • Added "release" to prevent memory leaks.
  • Automatic use of most recent MSXML available
  • DLL is no longer unloaded after each call (you don't need /NOUNLOAD anymore)

Icon RSS feed

October 17, 2009:

This site is now equipped with an RSS feed so you can be kept informed about the news.

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.18

September 3, 2009:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Possibility to limit the investment (how much money you have to buy goods)
  • Display destination base faction
  • Differenciate jump gate and jump hole docking delay (can also be used to avoid a specific type of jump)
  • Includes also routes that sells good at default price

Icon I'm still alive

March 1, 2009:

But I'm going to China for 2 months for my work, and then I will spend some holidays in the following months. Therefore there might not be much news for the moment.

Icon nsisFirewall 1.2

February 1, 2009:

New features in this version of nsisFirewall :

  • Added a Unicode-NSIS version (nsisFirewallW) -- Thanks to Guilherme B. Versiani

Icon WScrabble 1.10

October 30, 2008:

New features in this version of WScrabble :

  • added option ChannelKey to set the channel key
  • added option AnyoneCanStop to allow everyone to stop the game

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.17

October 26, 2008:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Fix issues with system combo-box selection with special system names
  • Compatibility with North Quadrant v1.5 (empty value in ini file)

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.16

September 13, 2008:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • Bases information dialog (BETA VERSION) showing base faction, description, goods/equipments/ships sold there
  • Authoring tool for dumping base-to-base travel times
  • Compatibility with Monkey Universe 2.50v2 Auto Updater

Icon WScrabble 1.09

September 8, 2008:

New features in this version of WScrabble :

  • connection timeout raised to 45 seconds

Icon New photo albums system

August 24, 2008:

I just replaced the photos gallery system (which I didn't like) by the excellent PicsEngine v2 (version 3 is no longer free)

It is much more interactive, animated, nice to view, navigate, etc... Tell me if you like!

I took that opportunity to add plenty more new photos to the albums.

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.15

August 7, 2008:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • added FLC version in error logs
  • don't crash on jump gate invalid destination system
  • support for comments in ini files
  • compatibility with 88 Flak 1.27

Icon WQuizz 2.01

June 26, 2008:

New features in this version of WQuizz :

  • You can type into the quizz mIRC window to participate
  • Minor change in the installer

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.14

May 3, 2008:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • now avoid lockeds gate by default
  • compatibility with Tekagi's Treasure 5.42 (missing value made FLC crash)
  • compatibility with TopFreelancers Parallel Universe V144_6 (has some locked gates)

Icon nsisStartMenu 1.1

May 2, 2008:

New features in this version of nsisStartMenu :

  • compatibility with Unicode-NSIS (entrypoint RegenerateFolderW)

Icon WQuizz 2.0

March 3, 2008:

WQuizz 2.0 is finally available, and should ease the life of users.

Here is the list of new features:

  • The script is now composed of only one file that you can insert in your existing mIRC configuration
  • Default question database now contains more than 15300 questions !
  • Recognized the channels where colors are forbidden
  • More accentuated characters accepted
  • Contextual menus are more intuitive for beginners
  • Verifies on Internet if there is a new version available
  • The script is now longer downloaded as a ZIP archive containing mIRC. Now it's a real installer program that can download mIRC when necessary

Icon Freelancer Companion 1.13

February 27, 2008:

New features in this version of Freelancer Companion :

  • supports up to 3072 bases
  • better detection logic on FL installation path
  • added more error information for modders
  • compatibility with The Void2112 Feb2008v1 (but mod files are full of errors)

Icon nsisFirewall 1.1

January 11, 2008:

New features in this version of nsisFirewall :

  • Correctly handle 2 errors cases

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