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U7-Wizard 1.9d


U7-Wizard is a great program that allows you to view and edit many components of Ultima VII games. This includes: "The Black Gate" and "Serpent's Isle".

This program runs in 320x200 full-screen mode under DOS and Windows. (under real DOS, Smartdrv is recommended)

Downloads and Add-ons

U7Wizard is distributed with its source code under the GNU General Public License

See full versions history for more details

If you have created game add-ons with U7Wizard, don't hesitate to contact me so I can offer them or link to them in this download section !

Features in detail

These are v1.8 features. Download the current version to discover the latest features.
Click on a picture to zoom it.

With U7-Wizard you can view the entire map of your favorite game, including the places that are invisible on the classic map (tunnels, caves, dungeons, shrines...).
Using the mouse, you can get at any time the X/Y coordinates of any location. These coordinates can be used within the game cheat system to teleport to that place.
Entire Map - viewing map of Serpent's Isle
Zoomed Map - viewing Fawn entrance You can zoom to any place of the map by clicking on it with the mouse. This zoomed map makes it easier for you to navigate throughout the map. Just use the arrow keys and PgUp/PgDn, Home/End to scroll the map. Experts can find also the number of the current region and the current chunk as well as the shape (type, frame and name) currently under the mouse.
Press F6 to switch to the Map Editor
By clicking again, you can get a screen similar to the game view.
In this view you can see more accurately the details of the map and the shapes used. The view displays the animations like surfs and shining water.
Again, you can use the arrow keys to scroll the map.
Press F2 to toggle shape clipping (view/hide shapes that are off-camera).
Press F6 to switch to the Chunk Editor
Game View - viewing Fawn entrance
Game View (full-screen, night color palette) - viewing Fawn entrance Press F3 to switch to full-screen mode. The game view becomes identical to the game view.
You can also press P to cycle through the different available color palettes (dawn, sunny, foggy, ...)
Click on a shape or a floor tile to view it in the shape viewer
Now you can also show non-floor items by pressing F7 (static items) or F8 (game items)
The renderer also handle translucide colors like lights or blood. On the picture you can see the entrance of the cavern which is lightened.
Every items is shown, including game eggs.
Game View - The cavern beyond the crematorium (show/hide items)
Game View - viewing the ruins at 341,96A with lift level 15 You can also choose with "K" and "L" the lift limit used for display.
This is the maximum height level for the items to be displayed. All items beyond this level are hidden.
The renderer is not perfect yet, but it is enough to give an idea of the final result
Press F5 to switch to the Items Editor
The Shape Viewer allows you to browse all the items that can be found in the game. You can select any shape or floor tile using PgUp/PgDn, Home/End. One shape can have multiple frame (appearance) that you can cycle through using +/-. Experts can get here the dimensions, weight and volume of the object here. Press F6 to switch to the Shape Editor. Shape Viewer - viewing a shape from standard game shapes
Shape Viewer (full-screen) - viewing shapes from FACES.VGA The Shape Viewer has also a full-screen mode (F3) to display images that could not fit in the reduced screen mode.
You can use the arrow keys to change the gap between the frames and rearrange the table. However, if the table of frames cannot fit the screen, only the frame selected with +/- is displayed.
By default, the shape viewer display the content of the game shapes file, but it is able to view the content of other files
Press F4 to choose another file. Those files may contains shapes, but also palettes, texts, musics, speeches... The shape viewer is able to detect and show them. You can also press F5 to save individual object to a file (for example to listen to music, speech, to view animations or to modify shapes)
Shape Viewer - viewing a color palette from MAINSHP.FLX
Shape View - Viewing the mouse cursors from the POINTERS.SHP file The shape viewer recognize 3 kind of file : flex files, introduction animations, and .SHP file.
The introduction files contains FLIC animation which can be viewed using PLAYFLC (included in the archive).
Here you can see the POINTERS.SHP file from Serpent's Isle.
The Map Editor allows you to change the composition of the map by using the game chunks. Select one chunk from the complete list of chunk on the right, then place it on the map where you want. (Note: Save your STATIC directory before making any change)
Left click on a chunk to enter the Chunk Editor
As in many other modes, you can still move around the map by placing the mouse cursor near an edge of the screen
Map Editor - editing map around Draygon's fort
Chunk Editor - editing a chunk taken from Erstam's Isle The Chunk Editor allows you to focus on a chunk.
The editor shows you the chunk number and how many times it is used on the whole map.
Press F7 to find the next occurence on the map.
Select one tile/shape from the list on the right. Select the shape frame, then place it on the map where you want. (Note: Changing a chunk that is referenced more than once will change it everywhere it appears)
You can also select any shape and tile and view the volume it occupy.
The Items Editor allows you to view the positions of items on the map.
Here you can select any position on the map and see the items that are associated with it
The items are shown surrounded by a blinking blue box and their name & lift level appears on the right
You can select them with the mouse or +/- in order to move them or edit their details/content.
Press Del to delete an item or F9 to add a new one (based on the currently selected one)
Items Editor - Selecting floor & fountain from a garden in Monitor
Special Item Editor - Showing different special items properties The Special Item Editor allows you to view and edit the details of an Egg, Spellbook, Barge or any other special items (name in red or violet)
An Egg is an invisible object that can trigger a scenery event when a given condition becomes true
A spellbook can contain certain type of spells, etc... These special items have extended details which you can edit the values. The details that appears here depends on the type of item
Press M to modify the values.
The Container Editor allows you to view and edit the content of a chest, a desk, or any other container (name in red).
The editor shows you the objects on the left and their names on the right. You can select an item to view its details or its content.
Press Del to delete an item or F9 to add a new one (based on the currently selected one)
Press P to edit the container properties.
Container Editor - Showing items contained inside other items
Container Properties Editor - Editing the properties of a container item The Container Properties Editor allows you to view and edit the property of a container
For example, you can make a chest locked, explosive or invisible.
You can also make the corpse of a dead NPC be able to morph into this NPC when resurrected
Press M to modify the values.

A word about the Ultima Series...

I played some Ultima III & IV, Ultima VI, a little Ultima VII and a lot of Serpent's Isle (Ultima VII part Two) and some of Pagan (which I didn't like). Ultima 7 was out in 1993, but six years later it was still fun to play it again... It is so good, even if it's in 320x200 screen size. The graphics are really well-drawn, the playing system is easy to use with mouse and windows, and the scenery is very impressive and huge. Even using a walkthrough, it took me 2 weeks to take it from start to the end.

I got interested in exploring to find out how the game engine works. After having understand a lot of how it works, I started this program that will soon become (I hope!) a complete map and scenery editor.

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