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New version of Freelancer Companion !

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Freelancer Companion 2.02 is available !

Click here to install it (downloaded 92513 times)

Freelancer Companion 2.02

  • Changing Dynamic Economy dialog into a menu
  • Adding import of cargo hold size and money from game
  • Rearranged first menu
  • Item repository now display directly price & hold size in items list
  • New "Maximum Distance" limitation
  • New button/menu "List of jumps in this system"
  • New "Switch bases" button
  • Changing problems log into a more general messages log
  • Better handling for dynamic recomputations
  • Compatibility with Shattered Worlds :: War Torn (virtual systems)
  • Fixed IniFile assertion (happening on some binary INI files)
  • Fixed base back-history filling up with same base
  • Various code cleanup

Freelancer Companion 2.01

  • Universal support for Dynamic Economy (should work with every mods!)
  • Fixed 2 bugs around mining operations

Freelancer Companion 2.00

  • Reorganized and nicer interface with menus
  • Goods repository (listing commodities, equipments, ships and where to buy them)
  • Added settings to exclude certain system, faction, goods from computations
  • Draw location of Points Of Interest (wrecks, depots, ...) in red on system map
  • Can create a virtual base for mining operations : just double-click inside a mining field on map!
  • Support for HHC Dynamic Economy
  • Base infos loads a bit faster
  • Showing cargo hold size of ships
  • Jump to destination base by double-clicking last waypoint
  • Cleaner recognition of system object types
  • Improved System Map, showing currently selected route
  • Mod information window (mod authors: check FLC forums)
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Freelancer Companion 1.19

  • Determine more correctly objects that are jump-gate/hole
  • Fix wrong base infocard display with some mods (thanks to Igiss!)
  • Place Dollar in front of currency values
  • Fix non-saving jump hole delay

Freelancer Companion 1.18

  • Possibility to limit the investment (how much money you have to buy goods)
  • Display destination base faction
  • Differenciate jump gate and jump hole docking delay (can also be used to avoid a specific type of jump)
  • Includes also routes that sells good at default price

Freelancer Companion 1.17

  • Fix issues with system combo-box selection with special system names
  • Compatibility with North Quadrant v1.5 (empty value in ini file)

Freelancer Companion 1.16

  • Bases information dialog (BETA VERSION) showing base faction, description, goods/equipments/ships sold there
  • Authoring tool for dumping base-to-base travel times
  • Compatibility with Monkey Universe 2.50v2 Auto Updater

Freelancer Companion 1.15

  • added FLC version in error logs
  • don't crash on jump gate invalid destination system
  • support for comments in ini files
  • compatibility with 88 Flak 1.27

Freelancer Companion 1.14

  • now avoid lockeds gate by default
  • compatibility with Tekagi's Treasure 5.42 (missing value made FLC crash)
  • compatibility with TopFreelancers Parallel Universe V144_6 (has some locked gates)

Freelancer Companion 1.13

  • supports up to 3072 bases
  • better detection logic on FL installation path
  • added more error information for modders
  • compatibility with The Void2112 Feb2008v1 (but mod files are full of errors)

Freelancer Companion 1.12

  • added "avoid jump holes" option (for safer paths)
  • now display base faction
  • base "dot" is now a circle so that it doesn't overlap too much the base name when zooming
  • can display mouse coordinates on map (hold CTRL key)
  • removed duplicate bases (base & docking rings)
  • compatible with Windows Vista
  • compatibility with Tekagi's Treasure 5.35 (erroneous MarketGood duplicates)
  • compatibility with FreeWorlds 18.2 (missing descriptions)

Freelancer Companion 1.11

  • commodity volume is now taken in account
  • window is now resizable
  • removed invalid column display
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • tested compatible with The Void2112 v4 (mod has some problem though)

Freelancer Companion 1.10

  • compatibility with Tekagi's Treasure 5.35 (floating-point decay/second)
  • decay of perishable goods is now taken in account in calculations (more precisely if you specify your cargo size)
  • displays source and destination price
  • can check automatically for updates over Internet
  • distributed with an installer, instead of a ZIP file

Freelancer Companion 1.9

  • option to select manually the Freelancer directory
  • compatibility with TNG 2.7.6 & Discovery 4.81 beta 3 (big universes)
  • compatibility with DynEconUpdater (floating-point prices)
  • supports up to 512 systems, 1024 bases and 1024 types of goods

Freelancer Companion 1.8

  • map scrolling by dragging with mouse left button
  • zoom with mouse wheel (relative to mouse position inside map)
  • click map first before using mouse wheel if a combo-box is active
  • fixed wrong case sensitivity in archetype

Freelancer Companion 1.7

  • Error log gets minimized on startup if it was minimized last time
  • No longer keeps DLL open while running (so FLMM is not disturbed)
  • Fixed correct combo item automatic selection
  • Added nickname display option
  • Don't display base that are not dockable with a standard player ship (miners, fixture...)
  • Option to avoid gates that are locked in the default multiplayer configuration
  • Some fixes

Freelancer Companion 1.6.5

  • Removed notification of errors on normal MarketGood parameters
  • Now display all systems and all bases (even those selling nothing)
  • Ask user for Freelancer directory if not found in registry
  • Universe map size now adapts to mod's system layout
  • Added spoiler warning (displayed every 10 executions)

Freelancer Companion 1.6

  • More support and error logging for weird mods
  • Don't display commodities trade route that have no route to destination (training heaven)

Freelancer Companion 1.5.2

  • Support Ini files that are empty

Freelancer Companion 1.5.1

  • Displays name of Ini files with errors

Freelancer Companion 1.5

  • Errors found in mods are displayed in a log window
  • Users can continue to use FLC even if there are errors in the mods
  • Less annoying error popups

Freelancer Companion 1.4

  • Support mods with huge systems/bases/goods list
  • Displays more human readable errors founds in mods files

Freelancer Companion 1.3

  • First try to support mods
  • Double-click on a route to select the destination station as the new origin station
  • Use the "<=" button to pop back to the previous origin station

Freelancer Companion 1.2

  • Now supports SDK decompressed files
  • Displays map location for waypoints (+/- delta refers to the zoomed map lines)

Freelancer Companion 1.1

  • First public release

Freelancer Companion 1.0

  • Display full trade routes including complete path (with trade lanes & jumps) and exact time taken
  • Real-time calculation of best trade routes based on profit & route time
  • Shows Universe & Systems Maps, including precise trade route highlight
  • Speed & time settings are configurable to adapt your own navigation profile
  • Sort the display by commodities, bases, profit, time by clicking on the column header
  • Fully based on Freelancer game files
  • Program is small, fast & furious ;-)

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