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What do you want to know about me ?

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About Olivier Marcoux a.k.a "Wizou"...

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Here is my computer story...

I was born and did grown up near and in Paris. With both my parents in Computer Science, I developped early a passion for computers and their programming.

Around the age of 7, I started my first programs under Thomson TO7-70. I was able to program everywhere, thanks to a small transportable Tandy computer, to programmable Casio calculators, and then more seriously I started masterizing the programmation of HP48 calculators in assembly language. At home, I had the chance to get my hands and to program on an Apple //e, then several Macintosh, and finally ending up in the PC-compatible world of DOS and Windows.

Under DOS, I developped what would become a software named AutoServ that would allow me to set up a multi-channel server named "Pulsar RTC" (for french Minitel on standard phone lines).

After my preparatory classes, I got admitted to ENSEEIHT, an engineer school in Toulouse, France. I spent my third year as an exchange student at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal.

From 1999 up to 2007, I've been working in SAGEM R&D to provide development and parametering solutions to improve the mobile phones.

After that, I've been working for a video game development studio until 2010, improving their 3D MMORPG game engine and designing the client deployment system.

From now on, I'm working as technical director and IT expert for a consulting company, on a mission for BNP-Paribas then Exane. (see my résumé)

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