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WSockSpy 1.0


This DLL will allow you to trace/dump every call that a Winsock Application makes to the Windows Sockets DLL.


  • FIRST you MUST make a copy of your original SYSTEM\WSOCK32.DLL or SYSTEM32\WSOCK32.DLL to SYSTEM\WSOCK32.ORG
  • THEN you must decide if you want to trace/dump ALL of your system/applications calls to the Windows Socket or only a particular application
    • To trace/dump ALL applications, rename WSOCKSPY.DLL to WSOCK32.DLL and place it into your windows SYSTEM or SYSTEM32 folder (in place of the original WSOCK32.DLL)
    • If you just want to trace/dump a particular application, rename WSOCKSPY.DLL to WSOCK32.DLL and place it into the folder of this application

Once this has been done, every call to the Windows Socket DLL is logged into C:\WINSOCK.LOG

PS: Under Windows XP, the system automatic restoration may prevent you from installing a new WSOCK32.DLL under SYSTEM32. Turn this option off before installing the spy WSOCK32.DLL


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