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Freelancer Companion 2.02

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This program is a companion tool for Microsoft game Freelancer.

It parses the game files (original or modified) and extract useful information displayed through an advanced traderoute calculator. (see features below)

It is useful :

  • For Traders: It helps players find quickly the best profitable and shortest routes, showing them on the map with precise timing
  • For Modders: Mod-creators (patching & enhancing the original game) can use it to analyze their game files. The tool will notify them any errors encountered during the analysis so they can fix the problems. Also it can help modders balance their trade routes so that there is no over-profitable routes.

FLCompanion main window screenshot Click on the screenshots to enlarge

List of features

  • Display full trade routes including complete path (with jumps and trade lanes, even partially used) and exact time taken.
  • Real-time calculation of best trade routes based on profit and route time. (include mining operations)
  • Shows Universe & Systems Maps (scrollable & zoomable), including precise trade route highlight
  • Show detailed information about each bases & each good available in the game
  • Displays various points of interest (wrecks, depots, ...) and mining fields
  • Works with the Freelancer SDK (decompressed files) and mods, displaying potential errors found in game files.
  • Speed & time settings, zones to avoid, are configurable to adapt your own navigation profile.
  • Sort the display by commodities, bases, profit and time by clicking on the column header.
  • Fully based on the game files, not using any precalculated table or information ; can load prices from running game
  • Displays map location for waypoints (+/- delta refers to the zoomed map lines).
  • Errors found in mods are displayed in a log window (to help mods author).
  • Program is small, fast & furious ;-)

See full versions history for more details

FLCompanion universe window

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